What’s New for the Yellow and Blue?

I know quite a bit about Swedish indie pop between 1988 and 2013, but what about the 8 years between then and now? I realize I don’t know a lot at all!

It has been a while since I last blogged! It’s weird how life seems to pull you in all directions, but I’m paying for a domain so I might as well blog more often, right?

I have been thinking of Swedish indie pop lately. It’s got a pretty storied history. North of No South Records (abbr. NONS) put together a compilation back in 2006 called “Svensk Indie 1988-2006 (En Kärleks Historia)”, and it’s a really comprehensive look at the greatest hits of Swedish indie, starting with The Happydeadmen and finishing at The Concretes. Of course, it’s been 15 years since 2006, so what’s happened in between that’s to look out for?

Truth is, it’s pretty hard to tell. I can think of examples here and there but the aughts were almost a golden age for Swedish indie, thanks to Jens Lekman, Club 8, Cloudberry Jam and more. The international outreach was insane, and each band had plenty of fans abroad. Unfortunately, it seems like around 2013 the output of these groups started to die down. Thankfully, there was a compilation released last year that helps illuminate those CDr years: “Nice Try, Sunshine!” I recently purchased my own copy of this compilation and am really excited to dig in. These are deep cuts!

Einar Ekström of La Futur Pompiste (and The Garlands) released an album last year with Siri af Burén of Testbild! called “The Bewildered Mind”, under the name Astral Brain. It was released on Shelflife Records, which is fantastic. The label was my first avenue for Swedish music (like The Shermans).

Alternatively, the label A West Side Fabrication is very much still active, their latest summary of music in the link provided. But I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar with their recent output, just the classics: Mary-Go-Round, Holger Danske, Livingstone etc.

So, then, I’ll return to this new label: Appetite. They’ve only had two releases thus far, but I’m really anticipating what else is to come from them. They’re based in Gothenburg. Co-founder Hugo Randulv is in a lot of varied bands that I’ll have to look into, too.

Looks like this is going to be a brief post! I can hardly think of any other examples. I’ll open it up to you, readers: what great Swedish music have you been listening to lately?

Alternatively, I’m wondering what it takes to be a music fan, or what kinds of music enthusiasts there are. I listen to a lot more older releases than newer ones. Will that scale ever tip? When it does, I’ll know more about the topic of this blog post, and I’ll make pt. 2!