September 17th

Halfway through September, there’s a lot of cool music and so little time, so this will be a brief entry. I want to discuss some music that came out in the past few days.

Spearmint // Holland Park (hitBACK Records)

The new record from the indie group hits all the hallmarks of Shirley Lee’s writing style. Tales of days gone, bands dissolved, hearts broken. I had a particular affinity for the singles, namely “Bundunyabba Blue”, but there’s a lot of appreciation for the title track, “Holland Park”, which narrates the story of Shirley’s father’s prog band in the 1970’s. The dynamic structure of the song matches the album, swapping melancholy for cheer in instrumental bursts. Consistency is key for the group, and as a newer Spearmint fan, it’s clear I won’t stop being a fan any time this century.

122 North // Drive (Too Good to Be True Records)

The new project from Danny Provencher (Under Electric Light) exhibits a complete love for acid house/Madchester, driving basslines and phenomenal synth sounds. Night Drive is more than just a title. It’s a scenario. One I hope I find myself in. As the nights get cooler, the release begs to be blared out open windows. “Lost” is my favorite, layering synths and ghostly chorus into a buzzing breakdown. I prefer the original tracks, but the 3 Drive remixes are a welcome addition. I’ve taken the time to learn about Too Good to Be True, and I’m realizing the strength of music they’ve had in just 5 releases. You can buy the CD from them at the Bandcamp link below.