new year, not me

Don’t be so naive. Happy new year.

Hi folks. The last time I posted was in 2019, my naivety at an all-time high. I had expected a burst of energy to accompany me into 2020, and the floodgates to truly open on this blog. No one can account for a pandemic and more life changes.

That’s actually more motivating to blog and to document the changes. Not in the sort of detail where you, the reader, will be able to scrape extremely personal information, but just enough to get an idea of where my head is at.

A girl on “Hey, Hey Girl”, Rocketship 1994.

I’ve opened up an internet channel to discuss indiepop. Scientists and practitioners have been doing this for ages. What does it mean if I do it? Young people (the punkish youth) ought to learn about indie pop… and destroy it.

I want to contribute. I’ve purchased a drumset (electric, so as not to disturb the neighbors). It can plug into my computer or into my headset or into a speaker, and it changes sounds on a whim. I’ve bought a domain here and I’ll probably buy Reason’s new subscription program. Things I own: Drumset. Things I don’t own, but pay for: domain, Reason+.

Will I play my own music? Surely. But what kind? The name of my band is Contraptions. My name is Ana Garda. Punk. Twee. Noise. Clatter. Pop. I like neat things but I know what my closet looks like, so I won’t pretend. Plug into the computer and fill it with drum strokes.

Enough of all that. Here’s what I’m listening to.

French indie-pop artist Essiar’s only tangible release.

Fall asleep in the woods and you may hear Cyrille Essiar’s en-chant-ing melodies. Fuzzy, spacy, rather lovely tunes. Released on Radio Khartoum as a 3” CD. How I’d like to have the artistic talents of Bügelfrei. This is as short as an EP so please give an attentive ear.

‘Till next time. Happy new year.

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