karel teissig, 1978. “v. cibula, cid and his faithful”.

The Feed as It Stands


Lately I’ve been looking into netaudio and early netlabels and the culture that surrounded it. I’m having a lot of fun. Here are some thoughts and a few tracks…

September 17th

Halfway through September, there’s a lot of cool music and so little time, so this will be a brief entry. I want to discuss some music that came out in the past few days. Spearmint // Holland Park (hitBACK Records) The new record from the indie group hits all the hallmarks of Shirley Lee’s writing … Continue reading “September 17th”

swan dive’s ‘june’ 20th anniversary … and how i learned to love the songwriter

In 2017, I was a Sophomore in college, spurred by the euphoria of spring to drop out of school and live elsewhere for a bit. It ended up being a rough year, but that spring remains one of the loveliest times of my life. I skinned my knee trying to skateboard, listened to Deee-lite in … Continue reading “swan dive’s ‘june’ 20th anniversary … and how i learned to love the songwriter”